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Editorial: A look at the publishing industry

This piece was requested by sincebecomeswhy. If you enjoy this read, drop him a line and thank him for asking the question!

Traditional vs Indie PublishingSo you want to be a published author. Good for you! Now that you know  what you want, let's take a look at the paths you can take to get there.
Traditional Publishing
In  the past a writer could eke out an acceptable existence churning out a  few books per year with a small following. The editor refines the work,  the marketing team finds the audience and pushes it to the shelves. To  this day, it's pretty much the only way to get into a major bookstore.  Much of the books you see in stores are reprints, heavily marketed works  from established authors, or the much vaunted "first bestseller" from a  new author. So where does that leave the new author?
Increasingly,  the answer is "nowhere". Editors have smaller budgets than ever before  imagines, smaller teams and higher bottom lines. Plus, due to the  prolific nature of instant communication, they are also flooded with  query letters. It is tougher to get not

Lots of people read, but only a few are asking questions. Remember that you can ask your question and I'll answer it the best that I can. Enjoy!

- RipleyNox
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blackcherryangel Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for providing this information. I am current working on an original novel that I hope to publish one day. I though indie/digital publishing my be too hard to do on my own not knowing much about the publishing business. However after reading this, it is the way to go for me.
RipleyNox Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Professional Writer
I'm putting together a solution to help good writers get their feet wet with this indie stuff. We're all learning here and the industry is constantly changing. But that's why we created the group, too.
AstralDaamon Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
Sorry Abstract1106, I'm a notorious lurker. I've been reading a lot on publishing vs self publishing. Your article on the subject gave me quite a bit to think about and you may have convinced me to go over to the dark side. I recommend people read various books on the subject and start to formulate a plan of action. If you don't want to be marketer/sales person - you'll have to find some one who will do it on your behalf, granted for a cut of the profits, which would probably be cheaper than going to a publisher.

Once again an insightful article.
RipleyNox Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Professional Writer
Thanks for coming out of the woodwork! I'd add to this to keep an open mind. Seriously consider that you are competing with said industry giants (though they are merging and getting smaller all the time) and that they will continue to wield the huge number of readers that buy physical books. To get numbers like James Patterson, you need a team helping you and that takes time to build. That's easier if you have a powerful label to open doors for you.

But if you're like me and just want a sustainable, enthusiastic audience to provide you with a modest income, it's possibly more in reach to just go indie. There is still a lot of footwork to do to get it going though. I aim to gather all our resources and make it easier through the #build-your-platform group.
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